Mar 18 2013

“Africa’s Moment”

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The discerning editors at the august and influential World Policy Journal have produced an important issue devoted to the political economy of the sub-Saharanm entitled “Africa’s Moment.” Of special value in the issue are the conversation with Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda, and a series of contributions, by African thinkers, addressing the important question of “what role should technology play in Africa’s development.”
The following framing paragraph from the WPJ editors both sets the tone of the special issue and underscores the profound shift in attitudes about the future of a region once often dismissed as hopeless and increasingly viewed as a global success story with plenty of good news to come:

“Africa has had moments of hope and optimism in the past, but this one seems different. The diverse continent of 54 sovereign nations appears ready for a genuine, lasting takeoff. Over the last decade, six of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies have been African. Across the continent, civil wars and despots are giving way to prosperity and democracy. Mobile technology has revolutionized nearly every aspect of life. Underwater aquifers have been mapped under some of Africa’s driest regions.”

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