Jun 03 2012

Goodluck must go?

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After Sunday’s horrific air crash in Lagos, which took the lives of at least 150 people, the drumbeat of complains against Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan is reaching a deafening levels. In the most stinging indictment of this indifferent, indecisive African leader, the excellent Femi Fani-Kayode’s astute observation from last January bears repeating. “This government is not only weak, it not only lacks direction but it is also insensitive and callous,” wrote Fani-Kayode. She added: “May the Lord save Nigeria from this mess and from this weak man and may the Nigerian people themselves wake up from their accursed slumber and take their destiny into their own hands. The smell of religious war, sectarian violence, regional and ethnic conflict, insecurity, untold suffering, rampant poverty and economic hardship is in the air. Nigerians are divided as never before and our country is slowly crumbling and dying before our very eyes. Who will save Nigeria? Who will stand up and say enough is enough? Who will pull us back from the brink?”

The question now begins to sound like a sneer. If Boko Haram claims credit for this airplane malady, many may conclude that Nigeria cannot escape its own variety of self-destruction. May God — and Allah — soon reveal the accurate cause of this air disaster. Even if terrorists aren’t behind it, the sheer pace of the calamities besetting Nigeria insure Jonathan’s presidency now can safely be deemed a failure.

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