Oct 05 2011

Finally, an African president in a hurry

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Zambia’s new president, Michael Sata, is wasting no time putting his stamp on the country. My friend in Lusaka, the publisher and political analyst, Chanda Chisala, writes that Sata:

“has already fired the whole board of the energy regulation board (because he believes the price of gas is high mainly because of their corrupt deals with the oil companies), he has fired the whole Roads Development Agency (who everyone believes were bribed to inflate road contracts, etc), he has fired all the 72 district commissioners – they were all party appointments and he wants to return the jobs to professional civil servants instead of party cadres. He has fired the Central Bank governor (he had helped the former president grab a bank that belonged to his personal enemy and sold it to South Africans — the sale has now been reversed), he has fired the Chief of Police,the chief of the Anti-Corruption Commission (for becoming partisan instead of professional)…..he has set up a commission to investigate the apparently corrupt way ZAMTEL was privatized, …too many things have happened in the last ten days alone. He has done in ten days what most presidents do in three years, seriously!”

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