Jan 22 2011

Managing prosperity is now Africa’s most urgent problem

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Managing prosperity, not eradicating poverty, is Africa’s most urgent problem. In a new analysis of global economic data, The Economist magazine offers further confirmation that Sub-Saharan economies are growing relatively rapidly, and especially rapidly when compared to the sluggish growth in some developed countries.

More broadly, economic data from various sources raises confidence in the view that the long “poverty” decades are over in Africa, and that the real “problem” for African leaders is PROPSPERITY: how to share it, who gets what, when and how. This is why in my own meager work on African affairs I’m emphasizing INEQUALITY. Because overall wealth levels are rising steadily in Africa but so is inequality, raising serious questions (which I recently addressed in the Milken Institute Review) about whether some increasingly wealthy African countries are now among the most unequal in the world.

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