Jan 10 2011

Sudan’s giant shadow puts Africa on hold

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The elections in southern Sudan have ignited the concern of the super-stars of African affairs. Jimmy Carter is in country witnessing the multi-day vote, already declaring it a likely success. Kofi Annan, of Ghana and the former supremo of the United Nations, is standing by. And Barack Obama, the U.S. president, took the time to expend his rhetorical gifts on the future of the Sudanese people, penning an article on the vote for The New York Times.

The results seem pre-ordained: a new nation is being born on African soil. Hooray for the self-determination of the southern Sudanese. Their victory, however, means a halt to the curious mania over who will rule Ivory Coast. The stalemate continues — between northern and southern factions — with no clear-cut resolution in the offing.

The lesson here is obvious and simple: the international community has a “capacity problem” in the matter of sub-Saharan Africa: there’s only room for one big problem to be engaged at a time. Fair enough. The fate of Sudan is a worthy rationale for asking the rest of Africa to wait its turn.

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