Nov 23 2010

Do born-again Africans identify with aggressor

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On reading my post on the Pope’s tortured position on condom use, one of the wisest and most insightful African intellectuals I know — a woman who is African religious dissenter — expressed to me her own bewilderment about foreign religious influences on the continent she was born, raised and educated in:
“Africa and religion is another kettle of fish entirely and your South African freind is right about that.  It is a thing that baffles me but the way I ve come to understand it is what we call Identification with the Aggressor.  Someone does something traumatic to you and you internalize it and a part of you want to be like them.”
“Religion is an epidemic in Africa and amongst Africans in the diaspora and everyone in my family. Most of my close friends are Born-again Christians which is a thing that i have learnt to tolerate about them. Thankfully, they have learnt not to preach to me anymore.”
“But the sad part of it is that they are not able to see how exploitative it is, and the few times I have gone to church with my sister and her husband and listen to their pastor, I cannot believe how they are able to tolerate his irresponsibility–once with a congregation of over a thousand people, he preached against taking medication for psychiatric illnesses ….”
“For most african women (the potential victims of HIV/AIDS infection), they have no access to condoms, and their partners will refuse to use it, and most women in Africa are powerless, they risk being beaten for refusing to have sex with their partner if he refuses to use condoms … So what can the Pope possibly be thinking by calling for people to use condoms only when they’re having sex with male prostitutes!”

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