Nov 08 2010

African Affairs: the essential journal

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One truism of African affairs is that writing — no, even thinking — about Africa by serious people from around the world is afflicted by a poverty of imagination, a deficit of passion, and a lack of self-confidence that often expresses itself as a propensity for apology. None of these afflictions afflict the premier serious journal on the region in English, African Affairs, published by the Royal African Society.

Of the many valuable features in this essential journal, the most valuable is the “Briefing,” which appears in each issue and concentrates on a timely, urgent topic. The latest issue of African Affairs, published in October, carries a briefing on the advance of the mobile phone in Africa. The article, while offering no new perspectives, provides comprehensive information about the sweeping shifts in communications in the region brought about by mobile telephony. Clear and thorough,”The Mobile Phone ‘Revolution’ in Africa,” fills an important gap in the literature — and achieves the high standard for pith, accuracy and insight that we come to expect from a journal we would not wish to live without.

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