Apr 12 2010

Clogging the brain drain: Better aid to Africa

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To stimulate growth and development in Africa, governments and international organizations to reverse the negative consequences of the “brain drain.” Aid donors should tap into the underutilized knowledge of Africans living outside of Africa when trying to craft aid plans. However much contested, financial and technical aid to Africa is inevitable. The important questions are over who supplies aid, who receives it, and what outcomes are achieved and for the benefit of whom in Africa. My critique of aid to Africa is not that aid isn’t effective, because sometimes it is (I’m especially impressed with the Millennium Village program, the malaria initiatives by the Gates foundation and some small-farmer assistance programs in East and West Africa funded by the Agency for International Development and often implemented by Chemonix, a development contractor). Much foreign aid to Africa does reinforce pathologies, fails even in narrow technical terms and sustains corruption.

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