Feb 02 2010

“Fundamental change”

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For decades, American reformers have asked African governments to radically reorder their priorities, spending money on human needs, infrastructure and authentic law-and-order activities. Perhaps the best recent examples of American officials exhorting African governments to change comes from Kenya, where last year the U.S. Ambassador campaigned vigorously for “fundamental change” in the behavior of Kenya’s elected political elite.  Now it is time for African reformers to do the same — and ask the American government to make fundamental changes on behalf of the American people.

Now when the U.S. lectures, often the Kenyans do not listen. In turn, the U.S., as the Ambassador to Kenya did last month, suspended aid to the country.

This suspension creates a nice precedent for Kenyans who call for reforms in the U.S. and get ignored. What can Kenyans withhold in order to punish the U.S. government? Perhaps they can, say, punish the U.S. by not moving to America with their skills and resources.

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