Jan 27 2010

Forget Nigeria

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It is time forget that Nigeria has a president.

I can’t remember his name already.

The guy I’ve forgotten has been in a Saudi hospital since November to address serious heart and kidney problems.

What’s his name hasn’t been seen in public since November.

He’s already only the second best-known Nigerian. The best known is the underwear bomber, another guy who’s name no one can remember.

Now my wife is Nigerian and a very proud one. Not a discussion about her country passes her ears without her exclaiming one thing or another about her “beloved super eagles.” Nigeria is, in the minds of many Nigerians, “the giant of Africa.”

But as long as what’s his name is president, Nigeria is the midget of Africa, no giant at all.

Let Nigerians bray that they deserve to be the world’s political joke. But with one in every black Africans a Nigerian, what’s his name should ashamed himself — and Nigerians from all corners should insist that this forgettable man formally resign his office, or at the very least, allow another Nigerian to pretend to be president until a fair and free national election can be held.

2 Responses to “Forget Nigeria”

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