Jan 03 2010

Thank God for Nigerians

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Thomas Kean, chair of the 9-11 Commission, told CNN today: “This guy probably did us a favor.”

This guy is now the world’s most famous Nigerian: the man who tried to bomb the Detroit flight on Christmas day.

Kean went on to say: “Perhaps due to this incident we’ll get to where we should be” on on airplane security.

So there you have it. There will be no backlash against Nigerians in America — or back home. Even more, the possibility now exists that “this guy,” this Nigerian wanna-be airplane bomber, might not be the incompetent, error-prone, mishap-riddled young man. But rather “this guy,” this young Nigerian, may have sacrificed himself in order to make America better. Thank the Lord for Nigerians, and not just my wife.

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