Dec 25 2009

Gay rights and the Christmas spirit in Uganda

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The anti-gay hysteria engulfing the charming country of Uganda has finally been met with a stern rejoinder by a prominent Ugandan high in the Anglican hierarchy.

The Archbishop of York has condemned an anti-homosexuality bill going through parliament in Uganda. John Sentamu, who was born in Uganda, said the laws being debated were “victimising”.

Under proposed legislation, Uganda would threaten gays and lesbians with jail for life if convicted of having sex, and gay people who had sex with a minor would be subject to the death penalty.

Sentamu told the BBC the Anglican communion was committed to recognising that gay people were valued by God.

Africans continue to lose precious time, resources and credibility by going down various cognitive “rabbit” holes. Homosexuality, which is taboo in Africa, is one of these rabbit holes. Forgive me for wondering how in a Uganda still dependent heavily on foreign aid, how is it possible to find the money to pay for incarcerating convicted gays and lesbians.

I suspect that in Uganda’s case, these misguided politicians are merely doing the bidding of the Christian right. Perhaps perversely, these religious nut-jobs from America may actually do more damage in Africa as they lose status and power in America. Africa may become, for the Christian Right, the final frontier — before they destroy themselves through their own moral and mental contradictions.

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