Dec 19 2009

Sudan 2.0

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The onset of a new year brings the calendar close to a referendum on secession for southern Sudan. The International Crisis Group, which tries to forecast global crises, forsees a new one in Sudan because of a failure to prepare for the vote, which was the crucial part of a 2005 agreement to end a long civil war between northerners and southerners. Southerners are expected to vote for independence. In the months ahead, ICG forsees some kind of violent conflict beween Sudan’s regions that would prevent the election from coming about. The U.S., having brokered the deal on the partition vote, ought to insure that the vote indeed occur. Any partition of Sudan will have broad implications for political boundaries in Africa, where disputes over sovereignty by sub-national groups remain a major issue. In the Congo, for instance, the eastern region has a legitimate claim on independence¬† and I’ve written elsewhere of the importance of new political arrangements in any effort to achieve durable piece. In short, the emergenece of a South Sudan nation is critical to the resolution of many disputes in Africa.

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