Jul 15 2009

Zambian government hounds leading opposition paper

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Zambia’s president, Rupiah Banda, is openly targeting the Post newspaper, the country’s leading independent media voice. He has even said he wishes the paper were closed.

The story of the news editor’s arrest is Orwellian. The editor simply emailed pictures of a woman giving birth under a tree without the help of nurses because the nurses had gone on strike – because government pays them peanuts – to government officials. Her point was to make them see how serious the situation was. But government officials turned around and using an archaic law about pornography, accused her of sharing pornography with them (since the woman in the picture was obviously naked as she gave birth).

George Orwell would be pleased with the creativity of these officials. The pictures of the birth were not even published in the newspaper. The editor just emailed them to these government officials so that they could act quickly about the nurses crisis and she has been arrested for pornography!

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