Jun 19 2009

Zambia’s radical capitalist

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I said goodbye last Sunday to the important Zambian writer and thinker, Chanda Chisala, who returned from California to Lusaka this week, visiting his home base for the first time in six months.  Having just finished an academic year at Stanford University as a prestigious Knight journalism fellow, Chisala will return this fall to the Hoover Institution in order to write a book about his libertarian political ideas. I first met Chisala in Lusaka about a year ago. Not yet forty years old, he thinks deeply about the role of freedom and individual responsibility in Africa — a relationship very much neglected by many African intellectuals. Calling himself a “radical capitalist,” Chisala is drawn to the ideas and writings of Ayn Rand, the conservative avatar and idol of Alan Greenspan who is currently experiencing a vigorous revival. He has plenty to say of interest about Barrack Obama as well — and not always favorable. Chisala deserves wider recognition and, if he puts his time at Hoover to good use, he may get it.

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