Apr 05 2009

Sean Jacobs on “Married to Africa”

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Sean Jacobs, a South African intellectual living in the U.S., writes often about his region of origin, perceptively unraveling many of the social and cultural confusions that handicap writers and reporters — especially those not from Africa — on the continent. He’s written a kind review of my memoir, highlighting the role that music plays in the narrative. Dance also provides a backdrop to my stories about Chizo Okon, my wife. She is quite a remarkable dancer and partial to tunes from the Igbo highlife singer Osadebe and a legendary 1970s band from Port Harcourt, her home city, called the Oriental Brothers. Alas, most of the band’s  recordings are unavailable, though earlier this decade a series of fabulous compilations were released in digital form. The recordings of the Oriental Brothers ought to be made available again, by someone.

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