Mar 18 2009

Expel the Pope?

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Did the Pope really tell Africans that they should not use condoms as a form of either contraception or prevention against disease? Did he really say, as the Guardian reports, that use of condoms can worsen the spread of AIDS?

Yep, sadly, the Pope has been caught saying just such nonsense.

If Thabo Mbeki, former president of South Africa, can be pilloried for his wrong-headed notions about HIV-AIDS, why cannot the Pope be called out for his own destructive and ignorant views? Why does the Pope get a free pass on spreading harmful views?

Maybe it is time for African governments to pass laws against foreign religious missionaries who insist on jeopardizing the public interest. In Asia, when foreign Christian missionaries contradict good social and political policies, governments expel them from their jurisdictions. In Africa, missionaries are given are great of freedom. In the case of the Pope, too much freedom is dangerous. African governments — and their citizens — should debate whether his visits do more harm than good.

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