Jan 17 2009

From Obamaland

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I made a surprise visit to Andrew Mwenda in his Kampala offices today. One of the giants of African journalism, Mwenda owns and edits a remarkable weekly magazine, the Independent. With the eve of Barack Obama’s presidency, Mwenda proposed that I writer a weekly column on Africa’s place in the world in the time of Obama. I’d been thinking about such a column myself, and we quickly chose a name. My debut article will come in advance of the Big O’s inaugural speech later this month. Africans eagerly wait to learn whether the arrival of a black man to the White House – and the son of a man from East Africa – signals a profound change in America’s stance towards the rest of the world – and towards its important African-American minority, In “From Obamaland,” I plan to explore many facets of contemporary Africa from the perspective of political economy, society and identity.

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