Dec 14 2008

Eliminate HIV? Maybe on a slow news day!

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A report from the World Health Organization, on sensible steps that could “eliminate” the disease, got buried in the international media. Only the BBC appears to have produced a serious report, raising the puzzling issue of why such an electric possibility failed to ignite the world’s attention.

The BBC report clearly laid out the implications of a new study:

“Universal testing for HIV, followed by immediate treatment could cut the number of people developing full-blown Aids by up to 95%, a Lancet study says.
The World Health Organization (WHO) also found that such a strategy could virtually eliminate HIV transmission.
The study used computer modeling to project what would happen if everyone over 15 was tested every year.
But the WHO said that weak health care systems meant that universal testing was not a realistic idea.”
The report received attention from specialized sites but not the mainstream media. The Washington Post ran a brief wire report.

The New York Times missed reporting in its news pages on the Lancet study but the paper’s editorial page rebounded a few days later with a piece on the importance of the study. The editorial carried the hopeful headline, “A Breathtaking Aspiration for AIDS.”

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