Oct 08 2008

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“What is Africa to me now? I don’t know that we can assume that there’s anything spontaneous about the forms of recognition involved. And I think that’s compounded by the globalization of African American culture as American culture. Africa functions in this dreamscape much of the time as a place from which no light can escape, as the heart of darkness, as the core of unreason. Why would people want to identify with misery, AIDS, all of this?” — Paul Gilroy

Oct 06 2008

The Beauty of Brute Force

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A new article from a researcher in Kenya provides more evidence that “brute force” is the mechanism for satisfying rising demand for food in sub-Saharan Africa. In Kenya, according to an article in the new issue of PERC reports, gains in farm output closely track expansion of land in cultivation. The experience in Kenya tracks what I have found in both Uganda and Ghana. The lesson is clear: while a few African countries, such as Malawi, face a Malthusian syndrome of too little land for too many people, in much of Africa the exodus of rural people from the bush to the big city is opening up vast amounts of farmland. The new land, even at traditional low yields, will help satisfy insistent appetites, at least in the short run.

Life is as much about the consistent application of effort as about ingenuity.

Oct 01 2008

From Stuttgart, how much havoc can Africom cause?

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The U.S. general, William Ward, in charge of the Pentagon’s African command, based in Germany, says, “There is no hidden agenda. It is about working with the African nations to help them build their capacity.”

Africom has generated immense speculation in recent months, and only the nation of Liberia has offered to host the group. General Ward, in comments to the BBC, suggested that the 1,300 military personnel devoted to African affairs may not need a base on the continent for some time.  He said it was a “myth” and “absolutely not the case” that the command was going to build big bases in Africa.

A new American president may indeed shift the emphasis or conception of Africom.