Mar 16 2008

The Ghost of Africa says a few words

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Paul Biya, Africa’s longest running ruler, is facing unrest in usually-quiet Cameroon. Biya’s usual tactic is to ignore complaints — and even urgent problems — and even his entire country — out of a belief that the less he does, the better Cameroonians are. In response to a recent suggestion that he might seek another term in office, dissent broke into the open — in the form of a four-day national strike — and Biya responded with a crackdown and a media ban. When dissent persisted, he took the unusual step of raising the salaries of civil servants by 15 percent — an amount that might sound fine until one realizes that salaries had not been raised since the 1990s.

The protest against Biya continued in Washington on Friday, with concerned Cameroonians living in America taking part. More protests are likely. Whether Biya deserves a dignified end to his long rule over Cameroon is an open question. There is no question however that he does not deserve another term in office. He should be arranging for diginifed retirement now.

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