Mar 04 2008

Pity Cameroon, the loveliest of lands

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The unrest in Cameroon, sparked by Paul Biya’s decision to seek another term as president (an office he already illegally and immorally occupies), makes me weep. Among the best endowed nations in the world — both in terms of landscape, ferility of its soil, and talents of its people — Cameroon has been condemned to suffer awful political rule. Even by African standards, Biya’s 25-year reign over this picturesque West African country has been a disaster. While he has rarely organized killing sprees, he quietly has demolished country that ought to be among the most successful, not only in Africa, but in the developing world. Instead of planning a permanent retirement somewhere in Europe (where he seems to spend a great deal of time anyway), Biya wants to inflict more wounds on his long-suffering countrymen. What a shame. Biya is a president who rarely holds meetings with his ministers and he refuses to allow his government to even publish a phoney budget. He is indeed a ghost (his nickname in the country). I am sad at the thought he may haunt Cameroon for years more.

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