Feb 25 2008

Nigerians in Cork, Bono & me

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Today’s story in The New York Times about Nigerian immigrants to Ireland reminds me of a story I wrote for The Wall Street Journal in the late 90s about a Nigerian priest working in Dublin. That improbable story — of a shortage of priests in Dublin being filled by Nigerians — ended up in the 2003 edition of my book, The Diversity Advantage. The past decade has seen a rising number of Nigerians — and back Africans generally — in Ireland. The country remains challenged by the task of integrating blacks into its society, but the situation continues to improve, thankfully because the Irish are well-meaning and the problems of exclusion faced by blacks in the country are large and vexing, demanding corrective action. How much more welcoming would the Irish be to immigrant Africans if their own special crusader for African justice, the inimitable Bono, trained his mind on the problem of bias against African in his own country? The mind boggles at the potential for Bono to do good … at home.

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