Feb 24 2008

No new American military bases in Africa …. sort of

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President Bus, on his trip to Africa this week, made a point of declaring that the U.S. wanted no “new” military bases in the region, implying that the  Pentagon’s new Africa command won’t have boots on the ground but will remain housed in Europe. The implication would be incorrect. The U.S. military already has hundreds of soldiers stationed in Djibouti, a city-state advantageously located on the Red Sea, across a small body of water from the Arabian peninsula (and all that oil!). Djibouti, a French colony until 1977, is a quiet picturesque port-city that borders Somalia and Eritrea — two countries that the U.S. has grave concerns about. Djibouti also borders Ethiopia, which has sent troops into Somalia at the behest of the U.S. So long as anti-American Islamic fundamentalists maintain a haven in East Africa, the Pentagon’s assets in Djibouti will be dug in, comprising a military base in all but name and official designation, no matter what President Bush says.

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