Jan 29 2008

No Time for “African Time”

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Kofi Anna, tasked with trying to mediate a bargain between rival political factions in Kenya, should trade in his watch. He’s told the media that he plans 4 weeks of talks to broker a deal on “short-term” issues and that longer-term issues could require an entire year of discussions.

A year?

Is Annan serious. Is he angling for a life-time appointment as Kenya’s mediator? Is he in such desperate need of filling his dance card?

Where is his sense of urgency? Does his experience in the bureaucratized U.N. render him unsuited crisis management? Why can’t he set, say, a 48-hour deadline to solve the immediate crisis?

The world wonders, and waits.

Kenyans wonder — and die each day the crisis continues.

When will Kenya’s old men realize that their attachment to “African time” is unsuited to the necessities of governance today? And if Kofi Annan cannot move faster, should he not move on — and leave the task of brokering a peace to younger, more energetic people?

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