Jan 28 2008

Spectrum: Innovation Out of Africa

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I’ve started to write a weekly missive on scientific and technological innovation and innovators in Africa for the on-line arm of Spectrum, the magazine of the IEEE, the association of electrical engineers. I’ve done four snapshots so far, the latest on digital photography and youth in a northern Uganda refugee camp. Prior to this, I profiled the improbable career path of John Quinn, a newly-minted Phd. from Scotland who is now happily teaching Computer Science courses at the best university in Uganda.

Editor of the on-line edition, Harry Goldstein, and I cooked up the idea for a column, which we named after the famous Pliny quote (“always something new out of Africa.” With Harry at the editing wheel, I’ve written a couple of long features for Spectrum in recent years (one an African “hackers,” or software writers; the other on novel approaches to generating hydro-electricity in the region). For now, we will be visiting more frequently, albeit on-line, not in print.

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