Nov 16 2007

the birth of a new pandemic?

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A mysterious outbreak in Angola — causing fever and extreme drowsiness — has led to the hospitalization of hundreds. U.N. health experts are doing tests on the unidentified disease in a northern suburb of Luanda. They haven’t ruled out the possibility of an infectious disease.

Flush with oil wealth, running into the billions of dollars annually, Angola’s government remains a shadow, dependent on foreign agencies to carry out even basic medical investigations. Undoubtedly, the World Health Organization, which is not awash in money, will not charge the Angolan government for services rendered. For Angola’s self-serving governors, charity starts at home. But not accountability, it seems. This week what passes as the government of Angola admitted that a 2005 loan from a bank in China is actually worth $7 billion (or one-third) less than the government had been saying. Why would the government misrepresent its financial accounts? Well, that’s less of a mystery than the unidentified bug.

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