Oct 31 2007

Rwanda Rising

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A new optimistic study from George Mason University of Rwanda’s coffee industry that’s indicative of the new enthusiasm for coffee growing in East and Central Africa. The report, while well documented, mirrors an earlier report by Cehmonix, a contractor to the U.S. Agency for International Development, which has spent relatively generously on training of Rwandan coffee farmers and market-access assistance. Alas, the report doesn’t identify the serious obstacles that Starbucks has faced moving volume out of the country. Still, the rise of Rwanda’s speciality coffee sector is impressive, and another sign of the growing wealth (and potential) of agricultural producers in Africa. Friday and Saturday in Sacramento, Rwandans living in the U.S. are meeting to discuss challenges facing the country, especially in the area of political economy. Since the 1994 genocide, English-speakers have come to dominate political, social and cultural life in Rwanda, starting with the country’s President Paul Kagame. The gathering in Sacramento includes some serious players in Rwanda’s economic reconstruction. Americanized Rwandans continue to play an important role in Rwanda.

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