Oct 19 2007

Lucky Dube is Dead

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South Africa’s greatest male singer — and a reggae composer and performer who has attracted comparisons with the legendary Bob Marley — was shot dead in an attempted car-jacking in Johannesburg on Thursday night. The murder of Lucky Dube has shocked a South Africa grown weary of rampant killings. The country is believed to have the highest murder rate in the world and car-jackings are common and too often violent.
I was introduced to Dube’s music only six years ago in Ghana, where the country’s small Rasta community treated him with reverence and he was viewed as Marley’s musical (and moral) successor. Dube’s songs, such as “Together as One” and “Soul Taker,” highlighted the continuing blight of racism in the world. He also attacked the corruption, ineffectiveness and hypocrisy of African government. A brilliant singer, Dube was a major voice in African music for nearly 20 years. Only 43 years old at his death, he embodied one of the least understood cultural transformations in Africa: the influence of the black diaspora — not only from Jamaica but the U.S., Britain, Cuba and Brazil — on style and substance of Africa’s urban youth.

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