Sep 12 2007

When taking away your teen’s allowance is not enough

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The van from the Naguru “go down” neighborhood to Kampala center took a different route than usual this morning, and we passed a compound surrounded by a high wall, topped by new barbed wire. A friend in the van casually informed me that the compound was a prison for juveniles, mainly teenagers who defied their parents wishes and were then sent to prison. Aggrieved parents need only to approach the courts, or even the prison officials, directly and negotiate terms of engagement. Many parents opt to imprison their kids for as little as a week, judging that the mere dose of incarceration will compel improvements in a child’s behavior. Since there is no published price list for imprisonment services, my friend does not know the cost. Because she approves of the practice of parents imprisoning their wayward teens, she may someday learn the actual cost. She has a teenager of her own.

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