Jul 19 2007

From Zachary’s mouth: raising African farm incomes

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Back in February I gave a long talk at the University of Michigan on the roots of African poverty — and some ways of raising incomes of poor people. For nearly three years I’ve been researching and thinking about how farm incomes grow in Africa. That’s an obscure question in the abstract but in the annals of African polical economy there is perhaps no more important question. About two-thirds of all Africans depend chiefly on farming for their sustenance, so the quickest way to help the most Africans  is to improve farm livelihoods — both through higher prices for cash crops and greater output of consumables. In a filmed interview with the university’s Davidson Institute, I concentrated on the importance of raising farm incomes, and under what conditions today in Africa farmers are succeeding beyond the wildest expectation of foreign “ag” experts. The Davidson Institute, housed in UM’s business school, has an active program on so-called “bottom of the Pyramid” approaches to raising incomes of poor people in developing countries. My Davidson interview can now be viewed online in its entirety.

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