Jul 10 2007

the “Mystery” African benefactor

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One old Africa hand writes me, on reading my Sunday profile of the Aga Khan, which described some of the activities of the Ismaili Muslims in Uganda:

“Actually, I knew nothing, but nothing, about him before reading your piece.  All I had seen were a few hospitals and other projects that he has supported in Africa, and they have always seemed pretty good (as foreign aid projects go, that is–not a lot of competition.) I am also thrilled that he is trying to help with Uganda’s power shortages.  There was some controversy over that dam, but I think it was overblown, and most people I know support it.  As long as the Lake Victoria doesn’t disappear.”

On the future of Lake Victoria, the largest tropical lake on the planet: some critics of the planned dam at Bujagali Falls have said it will contribute to a dangerous lowering of the water levels in the Lake. My response: Power needs dire in Uganda and if the lake is going to disappear, it will be because of the overwhelming force of climate-change — and not whether a new dam is built or not.

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