Jun 11 2007

Osadebe: An Appreciation (2)

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What follows is an excerpt from my liner notes to Osita Osadebe’s final American release, the CD called “Club America.” Osadebe died last month. My words, written in 2003, still stand:

Osita Osadebe’s music springs from the lives of his people, so “Club America” is a natural fruit of his labors. He is the master of the lilting lyrical Highlife – and Nigeria’s foremost musical poet. Listen to this record … you will be taken instantly to a faraway place: to the frenetic, joyous, topsy-turvy world of West Africa … You will feel instantly at home. Osadebe’s music is at once global and local, irresistibly cosmopolitan and yet grounded in the tastes, smells, emotions and authenticity of Osadebe’s beloved Igbo people ….
Osadebe’s lyrics are straightforward and quickly get to the essence …. He sings of renewal, of hope, of the human capacity for moving ahead even in the face of poverty and disappointment. “No matter how bad [things are], we must live,” he sings in the song, Makojo. “No matter how much it rains, it must stop raining someday. The sun must shine.”

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