Feb 28 2007

What is the What

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Dave Eggers fictional memoir, “What is the What, is beautifully written. The book, which recounts the difficult life a refugee from Sudan’s civil war, tells little, actually, about the state of Africa today – and surprisingly much about relations between African immigrants and African-Americans. Here is one revealing confession from the subject of the novel, Valentino Achak Deng:
“It is a terrible thing, the assumptions that Africans develop about African-Americans. We watch American films and we come to this country assuming that African-Americans are drug dealers and bank robbers. The Sudanese elders in Kakuma told us in no uncertain terms to stay clear of African-Americans, the women in particular. How surprised they would have been to learn that the first and most important person to come to our aid in Atlanta was an African-American woman who wanted only to connect us to more people who could help.”

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