Jan 14 2007

Lost Crops of Africa

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The National Academy of Science has published a fascinating second volume in the academy’s important “The Lost Crops of Africa” series. The volume is a landmark work on traditional vegetables in Africa that are ignored by global agro-business. Many of these vegetables deserve more attention from both scientists and Africans themselves. My hats off to professors Calestous Juma, Jane Guyer and others on the NAS team which chaired the research project and publication. Among other things, the volume unravels a personal mystery: I have long wondered why my wife so enjoyed Egusi and now I have the full story! Professor Juma tells me, “Egusi is the queen of African vegetables. The princess are many and Gynondropsis gynandra is my vice queen. Whoever managed to extend its shelf life will collect a lot of laurels. Princesses include Vigna, Corchorus and Crotalaria. For the volume, go to the National Academies Press.

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