Dec 28 2006

Save the Children

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Michael Wines’ long piece on malnourished children in Ethiopia is latest installment of an unacknowledged series in the New York Times about the problems of childhood in Africa. Wines has done excellent earlier story on child labor in Zambia and a colleague on children toil on fishing boats in Ghana. These two earlier articles were shocking because of their locations: Ghana and Zambia are among the wealthier and better-run African countries.
In Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa, malnutrition is a longstanding problem that hampers cognitive development of children (ie, intelligence) as well as physical strength. The article, despite its fine documentation, is ultimately disheartening, repeating the usual cliche that solutions (to vitamin deficiency, in this case) are available, they are relatively inexpensive and yet too often ignored. Wines finds that Africa “has far to go” in this area. Yes, indeed. But how to get there?

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