Nov 18 2006

Darfur: A breakthrough

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The Bush administration appears to have acheived a breakthrough in the international push to police the Darfur region, and thus prevent further atrocities from occurring, especially those carried out by the Sudanese government. The new deal, briefly described, calls for the expansion of peacekeeping forces to 20,000, apparently with the blessing of the Sudanese government. The deal comes in the wake of reports of renewed fighting. The difficulties facing Sudan extend well beyond the troubled Darfur region, scene of horrific human rights abuses and the inability of the African Union to bring one of its member governments into line with international norms. Sudan’s government also faces challenges from its 2-year-old peace accord with southern Sudan. The accord gives southerners autonomy and a regional government that is rapidly expanding, raising hopes for an independent southern Sudan. The importance of monitoring the peace accord between north and south Sudan was raised Friday at the African Studies Association meeting, being held this year in San Francisco.

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