Oct 26 2006

Congo Countdown

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Congo’s crucial second round of elections occur this weekend. I have called for the U.N.-funded elections to be scrapped because they pit an illegal head of state, Joseph Kabila, against a criminal militia chief, Jean Pierre Bemba (see my Chronicle article of Sept. 3). With the deep-pocketed support of international donors, Kabila is the likely winner. He gives lip service to donor-driven agendas which are likely to produce nothing more than White Elephants in the Congo’s unhinged political culture. Bemba, the likely loser, at least represents a frank admission that ethnicity matters a great deal in the Congo and that forging a unitary state out of the Congo’s vast diversity is a hollow exercize. For more background on the electoral contest in the Congo, see IRIN’s “Countdown in Congo” in coverage.

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