Oct 24 2006

Civil War or Genocide: The Slippery Story of Darfur

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Interesting how the NYT’s reporter on ground today tells us, finally, that Darfur is a civil war (this after she was positively certain a mere 2 months ago of Darfur as prototypical genocide). And no more columns (yet) from Nick Kristoff reminding the world of the awful genocide in Sudan either. What I wrote three months ago in the SF Chronicle still stands: no nations wants to intervene militarily in a raging battle between the Sudan government and murderous rebel groups. Even if the rebels have a just cause, and they do, military intervention by the U.S. and U.N. in Sudan face dramatically different terms when both Sudanese “sides” are armed and no one is “defenceless” or committed to non-violence.
For an in-depth but brief survey of the issues presented by Darfur, read Gerard Prunier’s masterful book, “Darfur: an Ambiguous Genocide” (Cornell,2005).
There’s still a case to be made for overthrowing the Sudan national govt but that’s an argument for another day.

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